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In a global market where chefs can find the rarest products available, xroads Philippine Sea Salts® delivers unique culinary sea salts that enhance a broad range of flavors while empowering small communities’ halfway around the world and helping to revitalize a fading industry.

Surrounded by the deep Pacific Ocean, the South China Sea and incomparable beauty of the Sulu Sea, the Philippine Islands is a recognized prime source of premium culinary sea salts.

xroads Philippine Sea Salts® was launched in an effort to preserve the tradition of hand-crafted sea salts as a sustainable, eco-friendly product. Our sea salts represent hope for a better future for the local community and awareness to culinary enthusiasts and chefs everywhere of a nearly forgotten product from the Philippines.


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We are a value-driven company and we know the faces of our artisans.

The xroads brand that we continue to develop with the aid of our artisan partners has been able to penetrate a highly demanding niche market. The credibility we established amongst professionals has taken over a decade to earn. We took this time to build our brand and credibility for without it, we’re just another salt company…

…but we’re not. We can make a difference.

Lennie and Anthony DiCarlo have always enjoyed authentic foods and wine. Traveling the world frequently, we seek to experience a culinary adventure. Whether walking the streets of Rome or visiting the marketplaces of the Philippines, we have sought to enjoy local, sustainable and organic foods. Because of these experiences, our insights into the values of the artisan community, whether local or international, have strongly influenced our lives and attitudes. 

Lennie Buenaflor DiCarlo

Lennie Buenaflor DiCarlo

In life we all struggle for a purpose and life will always throw you curve balls. It’s how you adjust and create new paths to lead you in the direction of your dreams – and sometimes, your true path isn’t revealed to you right away. I have discovered that life is taking me on an incredible journey where I have found a platform in something as common as salt to inspire purpose into my life; a wonderful way to celebrate my culture by helping my family near and far; and a way of making an entré into the culinary world stage, which I love! It has not been easy but the reward is far greater than I could have ever imagined. It is with a genuine sense of pride and satisfaction that I am a part of something greater than myself.

I earned a B.A. in Economics from San Diego State University and worked in the professional financial markets for over 15 years before casting my attention into new endeavors. I am also classically trained in culinary arts from Le Cordon Bleu’s California Culinary Academy in San Francisco; and, I’m an avid gardener. I am committed to exploring and celebrating my heritage through its ingredients, cuisine and culture. And so, my journey continues to bring xroads Philippine Sea Salts® to the forefront of the culinary world.


Anthony J. DiCarlo

Anthony J. DiCarlo

A saying that we’re quite fond of in our family is, “you have to go where life takes you.” I realize that life is taking me on an amazing journey. I joined the US Navy and rode a Fast Attack submarine during my 20s out of Hawaii; in my 30s I was off to build a career in the wine industry and even helped open the San Francisco Ferry Building Marketplace. Somewhere along this path, I carved out time to obtain a degree in Business Administration.

Through all of my varied experiences, I found that I enjoy the relationship building that comes from meeting and working with people from every walk of life! So I too obtain a genuine sense of pride and satisfaction that I am a part of something greater than myself in bringing something as simple as sea salt to the culinary world. My journey continues with enthusiasm!

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