Philippine flor de sal Composition
Variety: Philippine flor de sal
Tierra: Pangasinan, Philippines ~ “Land of Salt”
Craft Production: Small artisan producers using traditional hand-harvesting methods

The structure of our sea salts contain both the granular
(sal gris) and flake (flor de sal) crystals. This composition provides texture from the hollow crystals while the flakiness melts immediately on the palate to yield instantaneous taste.

As a result of extreme temperatures during salt season ranging in 100+ Fahrenheit degrees, crystals form instantaneously, creating hollow saline structures, a textural element that chefs appreciate. Furthermore, because of the temperature, the flor de sal flake is not separated but harvested as it forms. A combination of the granular and flake crystals creates a unique mouth feel while a rich balance of minerals and texture culminates in a salt crystal that is pleasing to the touch and palate.

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As simple as this sounds the intricicies of crystal formation, tierra and mineral composition allow each chef to ehance their pursuit of culinary perfection. These characteristics vary with each salt in the world. The land, weather and of course the craft itself influences the end-result. Farmers that care for the land and their craft plays a vital role to the qaulity of the products. We at xroads Philippine Sea Salts® have gone to great lengths to partner with farmers that have the same vision – ensuring the quality of sea salts is the best the Philippines has to offer.

Ilocano Asin


Mild, Mineral-Rich Sea Salt

Ilocano Asin is a mild, mineral-rich sea salt. This is a moist, naturally white sea salt from the beautiful seawaters of Pangasinan. Wonderful bright, clean, crisp flavors powered by underlying minerals define this complex and well-balanced sea salt. Use for grilling, roasting and finishing to boost all foods from sweet to savory.

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